ABSTRACT • Chronic pain in young people has become a public health problem worldwide with an enormous societal impact. However, chronic pain in children is still an under studied and undertreated problem, particularly in low income countries. A better understanding of the problem is critical to help improve the care this population receives.

The objective of this review was to summarize the state of knowledge about children and adolescents with chronic pain in Leba-non by looking into the studies published in the previous 10 years. The data shows that young people living in Lebanon suffer from different chronic pain problems, and that the management of pain is far from being satisfactory.
The re-view identified significant gaps in the study and treatment  of this problem. Research, with a specific sociocultural approach, is critical in order to help take informed decision on what to do and how to best use the limited resources. Improved education is also crucial to improve the treatment that professionals are currently providing, and to increase the awareness that chronic pain in young people is a public health problem which deserves close attention.

Keywords: children; chronic pain; Lebanon; pediatrics



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