“When I attempt to find a simple formula for the period in which I grew up, prior to the First World War, I hope I convey its fullness by calling it the
Golden Age of Security.” [1]

With this sentence of Stefan Zweig, I start my editorial for this third issue of 2020, a year known as annus horribilis for the world and especially for this
country. Last year, like today, most Lebanese were happy-go-lucky, taking a vacation and enjoying the summer sun, ignoring that the worse was to come.
We had board discussions on how to be edited by an international editor, secure funds, and make a brilliant resurrection of our Journal. Then the unthinkable happened.  October 17 changed the prospects of our future with no return. Adding to
that, a few months later, CORONA – the leaven of our previous double issue hit the country, paralyzing all subsequent efforts to straighten out the situation. Many colleagues will immigrate, depleting the country of intellectual and medical resources. 
Instead, the editorial team has worked hard to continue via virtual meetings, trying to find a surrogate solution to overcome the crisis and preserve our Journal. 
We decided, with the help of the Lebanese Order of Physicians (LOP) managing board, to put the creation of a new website out to tender among professionals. We selected the best offer with the best price corresponding to the
desired criteria. 


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