ABSTRACT •Acute pancreatitis outside or during pregnancy is an unusual condition commonly triggered by biliary disease, with other less frequent causes being viral, alcoholism and hypertriglyceridemia. In extremely rare instances, it has been reported to be associated with severe preeclampsia. The mechanism, here, is believed to be part of a widespread endothelial damage responsible for the appearance of preeclampsia itself. Hereby, we report a case of postpartum transient acute pancreatitis in a patient with severe preeclampsia.

The peculiar appearance of excruciating epigastric pain radiating to the back on first postoperative day prompted a complete work-up which disclosed leukocytosis, elevated amylase and lipase, whereas ultrasonography of the liver and biliary system together with CT scan done few days later were completely normal.Though the course of this particular case was benign, with rapid spontaneous improvement following supportive therapy, yet, this condition could have led to the severe necrotizing form associated with detrimental maternal and neonatal outcomes if not recognized early and managed properly. Acute pancreatitis should be part of the differential diagnosis of epigastric pain among peripartum women especially those with severe preeclampsia.

Keywords: acute epigastric pain; acute pancreatitis; postpartum period; preeclampsia

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