I met Imad in 1974, before the war... and that’s a long time to go... Since he was a student and all through his professorship, Imad kept the sameoutspoken personality, a vivid empathy towards his colleagues and friends, a firm engagement towards his family, unshakeable patriotic convictions, a grassrooted dedication for child health and an unstoppable proactivity in teaching... Until the very end, Imad kept asking and questing,
caring and healing, as if life would be ending tomorrow, as if all business and life plans needed to be urgently finalized, busy working until his last breath...
All along his life journey, Imad has been a loving husband and father, a faithful friend, a patriotic citizen, a trustful administrator, a reliable colleague, a genuine childcare leader and an engaged coach.
As he started hospital work, Imad triggered the new neonatal unit in Hôtel-Dieu university hospital, that he chaired _ as well as the pediatric division _ until he passed away.
All along the way, he set and updated national guidelines and protocols in neonatal care and newborn resuscitation, cocreated the multicentric NCPNN (National Collaborative Perinatal Neonatal Network) and took neonatology to higher levels, at national, regional and international platforms. However, his most important quality, his true identity, is his humane imprint... Imad was always present when called upon, in spite of all his sufferings and ails; Imad was always available to support his peers when he identified human pain, even when he was himself in silent pain.


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