Towards the end of 2019, in December, a new strain of coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China, and found to cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS). The virus, known as novel coronavirus, was later named SARS-CoV-2, being one of seven coronaviruses, mostly close to SARS and MERS coronaviruses.

The WHO announced a name for the new coronavirus disease: COVID-19, and declared it as Public Health Emergency of International Concern. At the time of writing this manuscript, there are 4 589 526 confirmed SARSCoV-2 positive cases and close to 310 391 death in 216 countries and territories [1]. Globally, countries went into staged precautionary measures to prevent spread of the outbreak [2]. In February 21, 2020, Lebanon identified its first case and immediately Ministries, Government bodies, and several agencies began a COVID-19 public health and awareness campaign along with escalated measures towards a state of medical emergency (banning travel from epidemic countries, closing schools/ shops/malls/others up to a state of curfew) [3].


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