Context • Smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, high alcohol intake and obesity have all been considered as cancer risk factors, and directly related to an increase in cancer recurrence and mortality, in cancer survivors and more so, it affects morbidity and mortality in cancer patients. that resulted in an increased interest in the role of lifestyle recommendations to improve long-term cancer outcome among cancer survivors. this study was conducted to evaluate Lebanese oncologists’ position regarding lifestyle changes. Objective • the primary objective of this study was to evaluate the situation in Lebanon, when it comes to lifestyle recommendations provided by the Lebanese oncologists. A secondary objective was to study the relation between the lifestyle of each doctor, and their choice of advising different lifestyle changes to their patients.

Methods • A cross-sectional study was conducted to survey the Lebanese oncologists via a questionnaire. One section regarding the lifestyle recommendations provided and the second to gather personal information about each oncologist. Results• with a response rate of 41%, Lebanese oncologists were found to be recommending lifestyle changes at high rates for smoking cessation (95%), improve physical activity (92.5%) and improve nutrition (85%); with lower rates regarding decrease alcohol intake (52.5%) and lose weight (62.5%). An average number of 3.88 recommendations per oncologist was noted. No statistical relation was found between the likelihood of an oncologist to recommend a certain change and his personal lifestyle. One exception though existed. In fact, the oncologists who followed a healthy diet had a strong intent to advise their patients about their diet/nutrition.

Conclusion • when it comes to offering beneficial interventions, the majority of Lebanese oncologists are dedicated to offer the best for their cancer patients, with rates close to those of western countries and even surpass them.

Keywords : lifestyle recommendations; smoking cessation; alcohol intake; physical activity; nutrition/ diet; obesity; cancer patients; cancer survivors; Lebanese oncologists

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