ABSTRACT • Background : Perforating head injuries in children constitute only a small part of the total number of traumatic head injuries seen in the emergency department. Craniocerebral gunshot injuries are increasingly encountered by neurosurgeons in Lebanon, a country with increased gun culture, especially in Bekaa. Traumatic brain injury caused by a gunshot wound is the most devastating injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and high rates of mortality and morbidity.

Case: We present a case of a 1-yearold male infant with a perforating brain injury. Although this kind of injuries has been previously reported, the present case is special, because the patient showed no neurological deficit after surgery, despite the dangerous trajectory of the bullet.

Conclusion : The es-tablishment of management protocol in this kind of injuries is difficult because of the variability of reported cases. Although the current literature predicts poor outcomes in patients with gunshot injuring bi-hemispheres and ventricles, this may not apply equally to the pediatric population. The pediatric population tends to demonstrate more favorable outcomes following intracranial gunshot injury when compared with the adult population.

Keywords : craniocerebral gunshot; wound; pediatric; brain injury; traumatic

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