reviewer’s guidelines

LMJ follows the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Recommendations for the reviewing submitted papers.

Reviewers should be asked at the time they are askedto critique a manuscript if they have relationships or activitiesthat could complicate their review.

Reviewers mustdisclose to editors any relationships or activities that couldbias their opinions of the manuscript, and should recusethemselves from reviewing specific manuscripts if the potentialfor bias exists. Reviewers must not use knowledge ofthe work they’re reviewing before its publication to furthertheir own interests.Reviewers must not retain themanuscript for their personal use and should destroy papercopies of manuscripts and delete electronic copies aftersubmitting their reviews.

Reviewers therefore should keep manuscripts and theinformation they contain strictly confidential. Reviewersmust not publicly discuss authors’ work and must not appropriateauthors’ ideas before the manuscript is published.Reviewers must not retain the manuscript for their personaluse and should destroy copies of manuscripts aftersubmitting their reviews.Reviewers who seek assistance from a trainee or colleaguein the performance of a review should acknowledgethese individuals’ contributions in the written commentssubmitted to the editor. These individuals must maintainthe confidentiality of the manuscript as outlined above.Reviewers are expected to respond promptly to requeststo review and to submit reviews within the timeagreed. Reviewers’ comments should be constructive, honest,and polite.Reviewers should declare their relationships and activitiesthat might bias their evaluation of a manuscript andrecuse themselves.

Each reviewer must submit an online evaluation form.